Being frugal doesn’t have to mean foregoing the good things in life.

There are a few things I choose to splurge on that are definitely not cheap but over the long term their investment pays off. But what about purchases or spending that’s not a long term investment?

Is a frugal life all beans and rice, tap water and thrift store clothing? No. Life would be very, very boring if that were the case. Although, I guess there are folks out there who truly do love beans and rice… just not me!

Here are three things worth the splurge to me:

1, The cinema

I love going to the cinema. It’s my favourite kind of timeout. Not only do I get to enjoy a movie but it also forces me to disconnect from the world for a while, physically and metaphorically. Even so, I don’t go to the movies just for the sake of it… sometimes there isn’t anything worth seeing let alone handing over my hard earned cash for so I save my splurge for another time. By the way, I was in my own little version of nerd nirvana last week when I saw Insurgent… finally!

3 things worth the splurge

2, Regular Catch Up Dinner with Girlfriends

I have two friends with whom I originally began working about 15 years ago. We became fast friends and even though we’ve moved on to other employers we still make a point of catching up, just the three of us, for dinner around once a month. Sometimes it’s longer because we all lead busy lives, but it’s a priority for all of us so we never allow too much time to go by. We always choose an eatery that’s good value (and serves good cake) so it’s never a huge financial burden even though I always consider eating out a splurge. Our last meet up was last Thursday and my dinner (main, cold drink and hot chocolate to finish) was under $25. I reckon that’s a great investment in relationships that, to me, are priceless.

3, Lawn Maintenance

I love gardening… I hate mowing the lawn. I know, hate is a very strong word but in this instance it is definitely appropriate. I’ll merrily pull out weeds all day, but thought of dragging out the lawn mower fills me with a thoroughly overwhelming feeling of dread. So, I pay for my lawn to be mowed. Somehow, it takes the lawn guy about 30 mins to mow my lawn when it takes me a good (or soul destroyingly bad) hour to do it myself. Definitely worth the cost to be free of that albatross! And cheaper than medicating my ‘lawn’ anxiety.

A splurge doesn’t have to be a major expense and it’s not necessarily something you’d do every day or every month (although going to the cinema every day would be heaven for me), but a splurge can be the difference between a boring life of endless sacrifice, self denial and servitude to your financial goals or one where there’s still room for fun and rewards for hard work.

Do you leave some wriggle room in your budget for the occasional (or regular) splurge or treat? What are your three things that are worth the splurge – guilt free, of course!

Image: Unsplash/Chalffy Chan