Calling this post the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Breakfast is probably overstating things a bit. Perhaps, Lazy Girl’s Guide to Oatmeal would have been more appropriate but it sounds a little stodgy, don’t you think?

Anyway, the point is, I’m the quintessential lazy girl. I’ll find the easy way to do just about anything and breakfast is no exception. My favourite frugal breakfast is oatmeal (AKA porridge), it works out at roughly 10 cents a serve but I’m the only one who eats it and I really hate having to wash a pot every single day, so I hit on this idea: Cook enough for a week’s worth of breakfasts and freeze them in portions. I know, I know… It’s not rocket science. It’s just that I’d never thought of applying the idea to oatmeal.

I know what you’re thinking: haven’t she heard of single portion instant oatmeal? Yes… but I think the stuff tastes awful. I’m a lazy girl but I do still have my standards.lazy girl guide to oatmeal

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to [Oatmeal for] Breakfast

The process is simple, cook up a big batch of oatmeal and use a muffin pan to portion it out. Using a muffin pan means you can freeze the oatmeal in smaller portions, allowing you some flexibility in the size of your servings. I don’t know about you but some mornings I’m ravenous and others I’m not.

  1. Brush the muffin pans with oil as it will help with easy removal once the oatmeal is frozen. Make sure you use an oil with little to no flavour. You don’t want olive oil flavoured oatmeal… I use macadamia oil.
  2. Once you’ve spooned the oatmeal into the muffin pan put it in the freezer and leave until frozen through.
  3. Remove the frozen oatmeal portions from the muffin pan. You might need to tap the pan on the bench to aid in removal.
  4. Place the frozen portions into either ziplock bags or an air tight container that’s suitable for the freezer.
  5. If you’re organised you can grab the frozen portions of oatmeal out the night before so they thaw overnight, then microwave in the morning or, if you’re a lazy girl like me, grab what you need and zap it from frozen.

Like I said, none of this is rocket science but it amazes me that I’d never thought of doing it before. I’ve found it’s another great way to keep life simple and reduce the time I spend on things I’m not enthusiastic about, dishes, and more on the stuff that matters.

Do you have your own lazy girl’s (or guy’s) guide to breakfast? Can you make your morning routine a little quicker and simpler by applying the same approach to your own favourite breakfast?