60 Trending Crafts To Make And Sell

How people earn money continues to change and evolve and in recent years crafters have been able to find ways to make money doing what they love.

60 Trending Crafts To Make And Sell Pin

Often hobbies are there to protect our sanity from our mundane nine to five jobs, but now you can monetize your hobby, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.

Below we look at 60 of the top trending crafts that you could make and sell now. So what are you waiting for?

60 Trending Crafts To Make And Sell

The below crafts have been divided up into 8 sections. If there is a specific niche you are interested in and already enjoy doing, look below to find ideas for what you can sell. We list the tools you need and give ten ideas per section for what you can make.

Knitting & Crochet

Knitting & Crochet Pin

What You Need

  • Knitting or Crochet Needles
  • Wool
  • Buttons and zippers if necessary
  • Sewing needles and thread

1. Handmade Stuffed Animals

Knitted or crocheted stuffed animals are very popular as baby gifts. Choose unique ways to dress the animals or alter their features to make your creations stand out.

2. Hats

Hats are a reliable present and homemade hats often have a certain charm. Crochet or knit a beret-style hat or a winter beanie. Create a range of colors and styles to get more sales. Offer custom colors to give more choice to your customers.

3. Scarves

Whether it is a thin scarf, a wide scarf, or a snood, the heat that comes from knitted or crocheted scarves is a guarantee. Embellish the scarfs with initials or sew flowers on to make each scarf personalized.

4. Baby Blankets

Knitted and crocheted baby blankets are a gorgeous gift that most parents treasure. These gifts are also common for baby showers when the sex of the child is known. Blue, pink, lemon, and white are the most popular colors for these styles of blankets.

5. Personalized Blankets

A great gift for a child going away to college or for a first-time buyer’s home. Sew felt to the underside to make this type of blanket more durable and heavier. These blankets can be draped over couches or the bottom of beds.

6. Coasters

Knitted and crochet coasters continue to become more popular. They are often featured in old-fashioned tea houses and are a great way of adding color to a table spread.

Glue your knitted or crocheted design onto a circular or square piece of cork material to add depth to your creation.

7. Teapot Covers

Ceramic teapots may look beautiful but often people will have metal teapots in their homes. A knitted teapot cover is a fun way of keeping your teapot warm and adding some extra pizzazz to your teatime spread.

8. Clothing

Ponchos, cardigans, and jumpers are all great pieces that can easily be knitted and crocheted. People will pay huge amounts of money for a custom-made piece of clothing. Add pockets and zips to elevate your designs.

9. Headband

Knitted headbands are a great way of styling hair and keeping ears warm. The circular design couldn’t be easier to replicate and you can easily use up the end of your wool to create a cute, chic headband.

10. Purses And Bags

As crochet and knit pieces continue to get more popular there is a huge demand for crocheted purses and bags. Line your designs with felt and close with a button or zip to create a great-looking piece.


wooden coasters Pin

What You Need

  • Pieces of wood cut to size for your pieces
  • Necessary design tools, such as a laser cutter or paint

1. Keyholder

Keys are one of the most commonly misplaced items. Create a keyholder using wood, or scrap pieces of waste wood. Add hooks and paint to decorate and personalize.

2. Picture Frame

Finding a picture frame to suit your specific needs can be difficult, why not offer custom picture frames? Build the frames to size and let customers choose if they want the frame to house multiple snaps or one.

3. Custom Height Ruler

A 6-foot ruler is a fun way of watching your kids grow. Create rulers so families can mark their children’s heights and watch as they grow. Your design can be as simple or complex as you would like.

4. Keyring

Wooden keyrings can be designed using a laser cutter to make each design unique. Add initials to make a lovely custom gift for people to buy.

5. Coasters

Wooden coasters are a lovely way to add a rustic look to any home. Cut the pieces into different shapes and decorate.

6. Chopping Block

Nothing beats a beautiful, wooden chopping block. Create a simple block or add a handle.

7. Cheese Board

Cheese Boards are becoming more popular as gifts because more people are eating cheese boards than ever before. Add a funny quote or cut slots specifically for certain types of cheese to make your design stand out.

8. American Wooden Flags

Create a beautiful, rustic American flag. The perfect gift for any lodge owner. Paint the flag or laser cut the design into the wood.

9. Menu Boards

Create menu boards. These can be bought as gifts or by restaurants and cafés. Add some blackboard paint and sell your boards with chalk to make them more attractive to buyers.

10. Pallet Furniture

Pallets can be used to build outdoor furniture and even beds. You can even craft shoe holders. If you like getting your hands dirty these creations are sure to sell well.


Painted Plant Pots Pin

What You Need

  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Canvas
  • Paper

1. Murals

If you have a steady hand and a talent for painting then you should consider being a muralist. Go to homes to paint walls or outside front shops. Even paint shop windows. All of these will enable you to make good money.

2. Painted Plant Pots

Buy plain plant pots and paint them in bold colors or with quirky designs. Personalize them for certain plants to add more to your creation.

3. Painted Wooden Toys

Second-hand stores are a great place to buy old, wooden toys. Paint them to give them a new lease of life.

4. Painted Wooden Frames

Add names and designs to wooden frames for the perfect custom craft.

5. Painted Glass Vase

Add extra beauty to glass vases by adding hand painted designs.

6. Painted Mirror

Take a plain piece of a mirror and elevate it by adding designs around the edges to create a frame illusion.

7. Painted Ceramics

Customize plain ceramic bowls, plates, and cups to create custom tableware sets.

8. Painted Canvas Bags

Use fabric paint to personalize canvas bags or add cute designs to make a chic reusable shopping bag.

9. Painted Stones

Painted stones can make a garden or patio space look stunning. You would be surprised how many people will purchase these decorative pieces.

10. Face Painting

If you are happy to travel to make money, why not become a professional face painter? Travel to state fairs and birthday parties as a fun way to make money while being creative.


Painted cards Pin

What You Need

  • Card
  • Calligraphy pens and markers
  • Paints
  • Embellishments

1. Hand-Drawn Cards

Create simple designs using calligraphy pens or fine-tip markers. Simple cards are more popular than ever and are sure to be a hit.

2. Painted Cards

Cards painted using watercolors have a gorgeous look. Paint flowers for the perfect universal card.

3. Embellished Cards

Add cute embellishments to your card designs, like miniature pegs, stick-on flowers or gems.

4. Custom-Made Cards

Create custom orders that customers can request for special occasions and special people in their lives.

5. Wedding Invitations

If you like designing multiples or certain designs why not offer a wedding invitation service? Small weddings often hire artists to make their invitations even more special.


T- shirt Pin

What You Need

  • A good quality printer
  • A design software


Print quotes and add a mount to the print for the perfect poster or framed piece for a family member or friend. Use philosophical quotes or quotes from movies or books.

2. Digital Personalized Images

If you like to create digital drawings, create custom illustrations for people to buy. Make them cartoonish to add an extra element to your pieces.

3. T-Shirts

Create a design to be printed onto t-shirts. You could get these printed in a professional print shop or purchase a material printer for home use.

4. Tote Bags

Similar to t-shirts, add printed designs to tote bags. Perfect for corporate gifting or for family and friends.

5. Stickers

Stickers never go out of fashion and offering a range of standard and chic designs can reign in multiple sales from a large audience.

6. Customized Maps

Print maps of areas that may be city-specific, specific to a certain location such as a park or a shop, or a place that is special to a customer to make a custom order.

7. Song Lyrics

Write song lyrics in beautiful script hand and print for a simple way to make money.

8. Definitions

Definitions of words is another popular style of print. Choose words that will make people feel good such as love, happiness, or family.

9. Name Definitions

Write the definition of someone’s name. Add a colored background and add a design to make your piece more special.

10. Seating Plans

Weddings often have seating plans and by offering a unique printed seating plan you can get a lot of customers. Create large seating plans or small A4 plans for tables.

Cricut Crafts

labels Pin

What You Need

  • Cricut Machine
  • Necessary Tools

1. Labels & Appliques

Print labels and appliquéing stickers for customers to buy to personalize their household belongings.

2. Stickers

Offer custom-designed stickers for school books for children to make great sales at the start of each school year.

3. Business Cards

Print business cards that you have designed within Canva or Cricut Design Space. This is a simple way of making money on a batch order.

4. Engraved Metal

Certain Cricut machines have the ability to engrave metal. Engraved metal is popular as it tends to last a long time. The metal can be left outside once it is treated or added to a trophy or framed.

5. Vinyl Art

Create vinyl art that can be used to wrap and customize plastic items such as reusable water bottles or iced drink containers.


Painting Furniture Pin

What You Need

  • Pieces of second-hand goods
  • Paint and upcycling materials

1. Paint Furniture

Give furniture a new lease of life by adding paint and restoring old features. A great way to operate a sustainable service.

2. Create New Pieces

Take old pieces of furniture and create new ones. Add mirrors to a chest of drawers or transform couches into stunning armchairs. You can also do this with old pieces of clothing.

3. Dye Old Clothing

Transform old clothes into new designs simply by dying them. Make matching outfits by dying pieces the same color. A great way to cut back on fast fashion.

4. Customize Antique Jewelry

Polish Antique Jewelry or add old designer buttons to old chains to create a unique custom piece.

5. Repurpose Old Household Appliances

Transform an old bath into a vegetable garden or an old stove into a mud kitchen for kids. The possibilities are endless.

Seasonal Decor

Wreaths Pin

What You Need

  • Depends on the season, see the below

1. Snow Globes

Create snow globes by repurposing old jars and Christmas decorations. Add glitter and fake snow to make the perfect snow globe.

2. Painted Pumpkins

Customize pumpkins for Thanksgiving and Halloween. You can also offer pre-carved pumpkins for families who may not have time for this activity.

3. Wreaths

Make beautiful wreaths for Christmas or Fall which can be used on front doors, hung throughout the home, or placed on the table.

4. Table Settings

Create table setting kits. Make custom name cards, a decoration for each setting, and decorated napkins.

5. Easter Bonnets

Create Easter Bonnets that could win any town fair. These can be display pieces or worn for fun at Easter time.

Where You Can Sell Your Crafts

handmade craft online shop Pin

As the internet continues to evolve craft makers have a huge choice of where they can sell and make money from what they make.

While some online shops may take more effort than others it can be worthwhile setting up an online storefront on one of the below websites so that you can sell your goods to customers around the globe.


Etsy is a website used all around the world. There are some administration requirements to set up and maintain your store but it is a great way of letting orders come in while you sleep.


If you want to be more involved in your sales, selling your crafts on eBay might be perfect for you! Set up a seller’s page and watch your items get sold before posting them to their new home.


This is a new space on Amazon specifically designed to give crafters a safe space to sell their crafts. There are guides to help you get set up but be aware of the percentage Amazon takes from each sale.

Social Media

Facebook Marketplace and the shop feature on Instagram are great spaces to market and sell your products. You will need to be active in order to get sales.

There are also places you can sell in person. We list these below:

Craft Fairs

If your local town hosts a craft fair why not apply for a seller’s space? This is a great way to meet and network with other crafters.

Flea Markets

If you want a more established space at a market consider buying a stall at a Flea Market to sell your products any day of the week.

Farmers Market

Farmer’s Market is a space where communities can shop locally. Crafters tend to do very well in these markets as people want to give back and support their local community.

Word Of Mouth

If you want minimum effort simply ask that those who buy a crafted item recommend you to others. This is a great way of spreading the word about your items through reliable sources and managing your orders.

Final Thoughts

If crafting is your hobby why not develop it into your side hustle or full-time business? Crafters all over the world can supplement their income by selling the crafts they love to make.

Make sure that you are selling your goods at a price that covers your expenses or add a percentage to pay for taxes and to make a profit if you are hoping to make it your full-time job. Escape the rat race and spend your days doing what you love.