3 Tips to Banish Takeout Forever

These tips will do wonders for your food budget! Like all people with a frugal frame of mind, when it comes to my food budget, I endeavour to do these three things: Cook all my meals from scratch, Avoid fast food outlets and, Save restaurants for special events. I haven’t always succeeded in this endeavour. …

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13 Perfectly Creepy Halloween Party Foods

Creepy Halloween Party Food When it comes to Halloween party food, the creepier the better right? Especially if you’re catering for teenagers. Some of these dishes look more scary and stomach churning than others but, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own concoctions, you’ll definitely find it here. These recipes are curated from various …

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How to Build a Well Stocked Pantry

A well stocked pantry is valuable for many reasons, right? Trouble is, lots of people don’t know where to start when they decide to build their own pantry stockpile. It can be expensive and confusing. But, it doesn’t have to be. Let me show you how to build your pantry stockpile. Plus, why you need to have …

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The Ultimate Meal Planning Guide for Beginners

Meal planning: save time, money and, stress. Waste less food (money), make your life much easier, and, spend less on groceries.

This meal planning guide will not only save you the stress of figuring out what to make for dinner and fielding questions of ‘what’s for dinner?‘, it’ll save you time and a whole heap of money. Meal planning might seem like a lot of work up front but once you get a system in place, …

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21 Cheap and Easy Freezer Meals for a Frugal Budget

Easy Freezer Meals for a Frugal Grocery Budget

These easy freezer meals are guaranteed to become fast family favorites. They’ll also save you money, time and a whole heap of stress when life gets busy or money gets tight. I’ve always worked to ensure I’ve had a stock of ready-to-go meals in the freezer. A recent bout of the flu reinforced just how …

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Freezer Tips that Save You Time and Money

Freezer Tips | Use these simple freezer tips and you'll not only waste less food, you'll use your freezer more efficiently and, save time and money.

For many of us, the freezer is just a detour for food destined for the bin. I know I’ve been guilty of hoarding a freezer full of random bags and containers, labels lost a millennia ago, filled with what can only be described as mystery food. But, use these simple freezer tips and you’ll not …

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How to Make the Most of Your Grocery Dollar

Save money on food by making the most of your grocery dollar

Making the most of your grocery dollar is not just about buying as much as you can, but buying the most nutritious food that you can. Depending on your location that can be a tough ask. Too often the foods that are not just the cheapest but the most readily available are the ones doing …

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5 Quick Tips to Eat Healthy plus Save Time and Money

5 quick tips to eat healthy, plus save time and money

Eating healthy on a budget doesn’t have to be complicated. There are five basic steps that will ensure you avoid the drive through and keep more dollars in your pocket. Each and every week. And the best bit is, they are super simple to implement. Eating healthy on a budget Step 1 – Simplify your …

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6 Simple Reasons Growing Your Own Food Makes Good Sense

growing your own food

  If you’ve ever considered growing your own food, or at least supplementing your weekly grocery expedition, now is the best time to start. Don’t let the absence of a backyard hold you back, or even a lack of knowledge, it’s not hard to find ways to add home grown goodness to your diet. If …

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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

easy ways to reduce food waste and save money

According to World Resources Institute nearly one third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste. Some of that waste occurs at the start of the food processing cycle (at the farm or being transported from the farm) but most of that waste is perpetrated by us, the consumer. For example, we …

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Your DIY Food Bank – Insurance you can eat!

your diy food bank

A DIY food bank. It’s insurance you can eat! For most of human history, the insurance of choice has always been stored food. It didn’t matter what part of the world you lived in, there was a food preservation technique ideal for the food and the climate. That stockpile of food often meant the difference …

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The Hidden Value of a Good Goof Off Day

a goof off day can be good for you

  A good goof off day. Nothing beats it. You know how it is… You know from the moment you force your eyelids apart, today is not going to be a good day for work. If you’re an employee, it’s the day we used to call a mental health day. You’re not sick. You’re just… …

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