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13 Perfectly Creepy Halloween Party Foods

by Diane

Creepy Halloween Party Food

When it comes to Halloween party food, the creepier the better right? Especially if you’re catering for teenagers.

Some of these dishes look more scary and stomach churning than others but, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own concoctions, you’ll definitely find it here.

These recipes are curated from various blogs around the internet so be sure to pop over to the source blogs by clicking on the various links.

This collection also includes some Amazon affiliate links, see below for more information.

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Warning! If you’re easily grossed out by ‘stuff’, my picks for the creepiest creepy Halloween party food are 12 and 13 on this list.

Seriously. They. Are. GROSS!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now, on to the list of 13 Creepy Halloween Party Foods

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1 – Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

These are the least creepy but I thought I’d better start with a couple of gentler suggestions.

These cookies are the creation of Simply Happy Foodie and you can find the recipe here.

Image: Source

2 – Rice Krispies Treat Marshmallow Brains

This Halloween take on rice krispie treats is from Sprinkles and Sprouts and you can find the recipe here.

Image: Source

3 – Halloween Poison Apples

An apple a day keeps the… Hmm… Not so sure that applies to these apples. Created by Travel Cook Tell, you can get the recipe here.

Image: Source

4 – Voodoo Doll Cookies

These Voodoo doll cookies are perhaps not the creepiest but they show that even the humble gingerbread man cookie cutter (find them here) can be useful when creating Halloween goodies.

Image: Source

5 – “Zombie Guts†Halloween Cinnamon Rolls

I reckon these zombie guts cinnamon rolls have a specific audience in mind (not me!) and that crowd would love them. Can you guess? Leave your guess in the comments.

Quite a few of these recipes would appeal to that crowd… 🙂

This recipe can be found here.

Image: Source

6 – Bloody Finger Hot Dogs for Halloween

These cleverly crafted hot dog ‘fingers’ show that a little imagination can go a long way. Find out how to replicate them here.

Image: Source

7 – Cheddar Witches’ Fingers (Spooky Cheese Straws)

Cheese straws are definitely a fan favorite at most gatherings and why should Halloween be any different? You can find the recipe and instructions here.

Image: Source

8 – Shrunken Heads in Spiced Cider

Here’s another simple carving project with serious Halloween creepiness. Check out all the details here.

Image: Source

9 – Brain Dip

The perfect snack for your favorite zombies – brains! You’ll need a jelly mould for this treat – see the latest prices here. And, you can find all the other details on Hopelessly Ever After.

Image: Source

10 – The Noshing Dead ‘Palmiears’

What’s the perfect accessory for a Halloween party? A zombie ear necklace, of course!

And no, that wouldn’t be creepy at all.

See all the details of these palmiers made creepy at the Kitchen Overlord.

Image: Source

11 – Edible Intestines

More unpleasant looking (but tasty) edibles for your Halloween buffet table. Perfectly ghastly and a perfectly creepy addition to this list. Get all the details here.

Image: Source

12 – Zombie Mouth Cupcake

These cupcakes are next-level-creepy.

After all the work you’d need to put into them, I reckon they’d be better used for decorative purposes.

Besides… Could you eat them?

There’s no denying they are amazing. You find all the instructions here.

Image: Source

13 – Broccoli and Pea Green Salad Grubs

Eat your greens, kids!

Honestly, I’m not sure if these broccoli and pea grubs would turn kids off or encourage them. What do you think?

You’ll need a mould to make them so you can either make your own or use a candy mould like this one here.

The recipe and all the instructions can be found here.

Image: Source

Creepy Halloween Party Food

What do you think? Creepy or not creepy enough?

Which of these creations would you add to your Halloween buffet table?

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