How To Make 2000 Dollars Quickly

If you find yourself in a tight spot financially, the stress can be unbearable, making it hard to formulate a plan or come up with solutions to make some cash quickly and get your head above the water.

Panic, stress and depression can quickly lead to financial issues spiraling out of control, but if you’re proactive, there are a ton of things you can do to ease the burden and make some quick money.

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In this guide we’re going to look at how to make 2000 dollars fast, to get you out of a financial corner or give you the money for a sudden opportunity that arises.

How To Make 2000 Dollars Quickly

1. Deliver Food To Make Money

A great way to make money quickly is by delivering food. There are many apps like UberEats and DoorDash that allow you to deliver food from restaurants and grocery stores.

These services will pay you per delivery and they usually offer flexible hours so you can fit around your schedule, and if you work hard it’s amazing how much you can make doing this.

2. Dog Walking

Another way to earn extra money is by offering your services as a dog walker. There are many websites where people advertise looking for someone to take care of their dogs during the day. You could offer your services through one of those sites or apps like Rover, or you could start your own site.

Either way, you’ll need to set up a profile so potential clients know what kind of person they’re hiring and can trust you to take care of their beloved pets.

3. Home Organizing

The first step is to organize your home, as this will allow you to uncover items that you’re able to sell or pawn, as well as relieving some stress and getting you ready should you need to move to a smaller or cheaper home to manage costs.

4. Sell Stuff On Facebook Marketplace Or Craigslist

Selling stuff online has become increasingly popular in recent years. Sites like eBay and Amazon have made selling items easy and convenient for people all over the world, but even local sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist make it super easy to find customers and sell goods that you haven’t used in years.

5. Make Money Tutoring

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The best way to make money online is by tutoring others. There are many websites that offer opportunities to teach English, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc., and most of them will pay you per lesson completed.

Some sites may require you to pass a test before they’ll let you join, but once you’ve passed, you can start teaching and start earning.

6. Work As A Freelance Consultant

There are many ways to make money online, but freelance consulting is one of the easiest and most flexible options. Whether you want to build a side business or earn extra income by helping others, freelancing has never been easier.

7. Pickup A Second Job To Make Fast

The best way to make 2000 dollars fast is by picking up a second job. It’s not easy to find one, but if you’re willing to work hard, you’ll be able to make 2000 dollars quite quickly which can buy you some financial breathing space, at the cost of your personal time.

8. Work More At Your Current Job

Another great way to make extra money is by increasing your hourly rate or renegotiating your contract.

This could mean working overtime, getting promoted, or asking for a pay raise depending on your scenario, but trying to improve your circumstances is perfectly legitimate and most employers will be ok with this, especially if you explain that you’re struggling financially.

9. Flip Domain Names

It’s also possible to make money online by selling domain names. There are many different ways to do this, from buying domains directly from companies like GoDaddy, to finding them through auction sites like

10. Create And Sell Crafts

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You can also make money online by selling crafts. There are many different ways to make money from crafting, including Etsy, Amazon FBA, and eBay and there are many different niches, so you can turn your hobby into a serious earner!

11. Rent Out A Room In Your Home

This is one of the easiest ways to earn extra income, especially if you live in a big city like New York or London where space is at a premium. Airbnb has become incredibly popular in recent years, so if you’ve got a spare room in your house, you could rent it out on short notice.

12. Rent Out Your Car

The easiest way to make extra cash is by renting out your car. There are many sites where you can list your vehicle and set the price you want per day and with the amount of people doing delivery work, the market is quite competitive and fast moving.

13. Get A Pawnshop Loan

Pawn shops charge high interest rates, so they’re not really a viable option for most people. But if you’ve got a valuable item that’s worth less than $500, then you might be able to borrow from them.

14. Donate Plasma

Plasma donation is one of the most common ways people earn extra income. It’s not a bad way to make some extra cash, especially if you don’t mind getting poked with needles. The process takes around two hours and involves donating blood twice a week for four weeks.

15. Freelance Writing

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There’s nothing like having a steady stream of income from freelance writing to keep you afloat during tough times. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you write — whether it’s articles, blog posts or e-books — you’ll always be able to find clients who will pay for quality content. You can start on Upwork or a similar site.

16. Work As A Handyman

This job has become increasingly popular due to the rise in homeownership and the high demand for handymen. As a handyman, you’ll be able to earn around $2000 per week depending on where you live and how skilled you are.

17. Use Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces online. It’s a great place to start if you want to build up a portfolio of skills and then find clients looking for specific services.

18. Cut Your Bills In Half

The first thing you should do is cut down on unnecessary expenses. This includes cutting back on cable TV (if you don’t watch it anyway), reducing your phone bill by switching to free calling apps like Skype or Google Voice, and canceling subscriptions to magazines you never read.

19. Take Surveys

There’s nothing wrong with taking surveys, but they aren’t always easy to make money from. Most sites will pay you between $1 and $5 per survey which isn’t bad, but not great either.

The best way to make money from them is by using Swagbucks and then selling the points you earn through the site.

20. Car Wash

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The car wash industry has changed dramatically since the early days of the internet, when people would post ads online and wait for customers to show up.

Today, most car washes are run by franchises who advertise heavily on television and social media. They offer a wide range of services including detailing, waxing, washing, vacuuming and drying. Some car washes will even provide valet service.

21. Bake Sale

A great way to make extra money is by selling baked goods from home. This is a great side hustle because you don’t need any special skills or equipment, just a kitchen and a few hours each week to bake.

22. Clean Houses

There’s nothing like having a clean house to feel better about yourself and your home. But you don’t have to be a professional cleaner to earn extra income by cleaning homes, so consider this as a side hustle if you need to make some quick cash.

Final Thoughts

While making money is never easy, and making money quickly can be even more difficult, a little effort and creativity can yield considerable results, which can add up quickly to considerable sums of money that can be used to help make ends meet, pay off unexpected bills or get you started on a brand new project.