Downsizing: How to de-clutter to make it easier


Moving house, especially if you’re downsizing, is the perfect time to cull a bunch of stuff you no longer want or need. In the lead up to putting my house on the market, I’ve taken this idea to heart. In a massive way. Some of my de-cluttering has been the result of packing items away …

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7 Cute and Clever Ways to Organize Your Pantry

Organise your pantry with these cute, clever and frugal ideas.

Organize your pantry and watch life become simpler and less stressful. Oh, and it’ll save you money, too. How? Simple… When you know what you have, you don’t waste money buying groceries you don’t need and you can make sure you use what you’ve already bought before it hits that sneaky use-by-date. Being organized and …

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9 Gorgeous Books to Help You Make the Most of Your Home

Gorgeous books to help make the most of your home

Are you a brand new homeowner ready to decorate and organize your space? Maybe you’re in the middle of working on a fixer upper? Wherever you are in your homemaker journey, one of these gorgeous books is bound to inspire you. Here is a list of nine home improvement books you’ll definitely want to have …

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9 Home Hacks That Will Make You An Organization Genius

use these nine ideas to create an organised home

These home hacks help you get organized and stay organized. Make life simpler and easier by getting on top of problem areas like linen closets and bedside tables. A life with less clutter is simpler and less stressful. And, most of us seem to be striving to start living our best lives by reducing stress …

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10 Wardrobe Items You Should Immediately Get Rid Of

Do you stand in front of your wardrobe, doors open, frowning at the contents? You do? Well, take heart. You’re not the only one. Over the last six months or so, I’ve been working on reducing the clutter in my life. My closet is just one area in which it seems I have a problem …

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