12 Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas that will Blow Your Mind

A vertical vegetable garden can be the mind-blowing solution to your desire to grow your own food but the problem of a distinct lack of space. Sometimes, you need to look at a problem from a different angle and, when it comes to growing vegetables, that means looking up. Not every vegetable is suitable for …

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How To Get Your Etsy Shop Off To A Great Start

  When I started selling on Etsy, I had no idea what I was doing. I’d been selling on eBay for over 10 years and was used to their format, the slightly warped logic of their best match search, and their ever-changing buyer standards rules. Etsy was a whole different ball game. It’s now been …

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30 Day Challenge Ideas: Try Something New for 30 Days


30-day challenges are in vogue right now. There’s everything from decluttering to eating paleo to attempting a spending freeze being wrapped up in a 30-day challenge. You can focus on your mental health, weight loss, your health, or mindfulness. Aim for that six-pack with a bodyweight workout challenge or read every day. It makes sense. …

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11 Perfect Jobs for Introverts


What makes a happy introvert? Lots of things, but there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make every introvert unhappy and that’s an open-plan office. If that’s you and you’re looking for a way to escape open office hell, we have perfect jobs & business ideas for you. Read on… Introverts are not the shy, withdrawn …

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When You Work from Home, Weekends Matter

when you work from home weekends matter feature image

Work from Home – Work/Life Balance If you work from home, whether you’re a writer, artist or run an online retail business (like me), it’s very easy to forget the importance of weekends. When you work from home, work becomes your world, 24/7. When I first started my business, I also worked full-time, so by …

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How to build a life where you don’t need early retirement


Early retirement is the reason many of us give for the deprivations we impose on ourselves (and our loved ones) on a daily basis. All those sacrifices made at the altar of early retirement.  Financial. Personal. Family. Time we’ll never get back. Not this little black duck! I’m on the shady side of 50 and …

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Why Being Frugal is About More Than (Just) Saving Money

To me, being frugal is about more than just saving money.  It’s about freedom. It’s about autonomy. I love being frugal. I love the challenge of living on less and choosing to spend my money wisely, because it means I can live the life I choose to live. Saving Money Saving money for its own sake …

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Simplify Your Life to Find Time for a Side Hustle

simplify your life and find time for a side hustle feature image

Struggling to find time for a side hustle? Time to simplify your life! Life can be incredibly busy. We’re all juggling jobs, family, bills, goals, dreams for a better future. Sometimes we get so caught up in the little things, we have no time for the big things. Taking the time to simplify your life …

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3 Tips to Banish Takeout Forever

These tips will do wonders for your food budget! Like all people with a frugal frame of mind, when it comes to my food budget, I endeavour to do these three things: Cook all my meals from scratch, Avoid fast food outlets and, Save restaurants for special events. I haven’t always succeeded in this endeavour. …

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5 Tips for Buying Your First Home

Nothing says I am a grown-up person now like purchasing your first house. The excitement and the process of choosing the right neighborhood are all fun and games, but when it comes to finances, things get more complicated than picking the right tone of beige. If you have decided to buy your first home, we …

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4 Ways Renting Camera Lenses Can Improve Your Photography

We’ll let you in on an insider secret: A new camera lens can improve your photography more than a new camera. Yes, really! If you’re not sure which lens to buy or can’t justify splashing the cash right now, you can rent camera lenses with Ted’s Cameras x Studio19 Program. Here are 4 ways renting …

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