4 Ways Renting Camera Lenses Can Improve Your Photography


We’ll let you in on an insider secret: A new camera lens can improve your photography more than a new camera.

Yes, really!

If you’re not sure which lens to buy or can’t justify splashing the cash right now, you can rent camera lenses with Ted’s Cameras x Studio19 Program.

Here are 4 ways renting lenses can boost your photos and our top 3 rent to buy camera lenses to help you get there.

NOTE: This post is a sponsored post by Ted’s Camera House

1. You can “try before you buy”

Camera equipment is an investment, and lens rental gives you a chance to play around with a new lens before handing over your credit card. If you’re enjoying your lens, you can commit to making it a part of your kit when the rental period is over. But if your lens isn’t a good fit, you have options. While there’s always a market for secondhand gear, it’s much easier to trade in your rental lenses and it will make less of a dent in your wallet!

At Ted’s Cameras, we offer a 14-day exchange for our rent camera equipment program, so you can swap your lens for something more suitable without wasting too much time.


2. You can experiment with new types of photography

Maybe you’re new to photography and trying to figure out which styles you like. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, or maybe you’re craving a creative challenge.

Enter: Rental lenses.

To get inspired, you could rent specialty lenses – like a macro, tilt-shift, or super-telephoto lens. All of these lenses have different applications, and our six-month rental program gives you enough time to dabble and decide if you want to keep exploring that style.

Camera lens hire might also help you to find a new perspective on a scene. Let’s say you’re a landscape photographer who’s accustomed to their trust wide-angle lens. You’d be amazed at how a fish-eye lens (an unusual choice) can capture dramatic photos of your destination.

3. You can boost your love of photography

Just like how writers love crisp new notebooks, photographers love getting their hands on new gear. We like to call it “gear acquisition syndrome” – it’s a real thing!

Trying new gear helps you to expand your skill set and maintain interest in photography. That’s why renting lenses is so handy. Instead of making do with old or unsuitable equipment while you save up for new toys, it allows you to get out in the field right away.

4. You can buy the lenses you like without making another trip to the store

If you fall madly in love with your rental lens, you can apply to buy it at any time. There are no time limitations, either. You can pull the trigger on your purchase at any time during the rental period, or when the six months is up. You won’t need to visit the store or fill out complicated application forms. It’s that easy! And if your lens needs a tune-up during the rental period, that’s no problem: Maintenance and repairs are included in the price.

Ted’s top 3 bestselling lenses


A good lens can help you to polish your skills and make your photos stand out. Whether you’re renting or buying, it’s a good idea to choose a lens that suits your skill level right now.

For beginners: Canon 50mm f1.8 II

This affordable prime lens is a great alternative to the zoom lens that comes with most entry-level DSLRs. The Canon 50mm f1.8 II has a “nifty fifty” focal range, which is ideal for street and portrait photography. One of the best camera lenses for beginners, it produces sharp, crisp photos, and will give you the opportunity to explore bokeh and shallow depths of field.

For advanced photographers: Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f2.8E ED Zoom

If you’re looking to upgrade from a standard zoom lens, this Nikon lens is the perfect everyday lens. Thanks to its 24-70mm focal range, it can adapt to any scene that’s in front of you, and quickly flip from landscape to portrait. Its constant f2.8 aperture and built-in stabilisation mean this lens works well in low light, too.

For professionals: Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS

While many pros would call this Canon lens a jack-of-all-trades, it shines brightest when it comes to sports, wedding and events photography. It has an incredibly versatile focal range to frame a range of scenes, while its constant f2.8 aperture allows you to shoot moving subjects with ease. Plus, Canon’s L-series boasts a high build quality, so you know you can rely on this lens for a long time.

Ready to rent camera lenses?

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