Best Planners For Men

Best Planners for Men

What kind of planner should I get? There are so many options out there. Which one would suit me the best? Planning is essential to success. Whether you want to plan a vacation or organize your finances, having a good system helps you stay organized and focused. Planning is important because it gives us structure, …

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When You Work from Home, Weekends Matter

when you work from home weekends matter feature image

Work from Home – Work/Life Balance If you work from home, whether you’re a writer, artist or run an online retail business (like me), it’s very easy to forget the importance of weekends. When you work from home, work becomes your world, 24/7. When I first started my business, I also worked full-time, so by …

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Practical Ideas for an Empty Notebook

If you’re like I was, and procrastinate about putting pen to paper because you have no idea what put in your notebook, journal or planner, here’s a (substantial) list of ideas to help get you started.

Bullet Journal Tips to Help Keep Your Life Organized

bullet journal tips featured image

A bullet journal is a fantastic way to keep your life organized, collect inspiration and track your goals. Your bullet journal is also the perfect place to explore your creativity. So, how do you add your own personal flair to your bullet journal? We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together some basic suggestions for adding …

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How to Start a Bullet Journal: Quick and Easy Steps

How to start a bullet journal and customise how you plan your life

Learn how to start a bullet journal and really take control of your life. What is a bullet journal? You’ve probably either seen or heard about bullet journals, especially if you’re a fan of Pinterest. But, you might still be wondering, what is a bullet journal? Note: This post contains affiliate links. A bullet journal …

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Get more done every day; three habits of uncommonly focused people

Focused people get more done every day. That’s not likely to be a surprise to anyone. The challenge for most of us though, is finding that focus when we feel like we’re in the center of a maelstrom. And, guess what? You’re not doing yourself any favours by multitasking. Focused people don’t multitask. They focus. …

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7 Simple Steps to Make the Most of Every Day

7 simple steps to make the most of every day

We should all make the most of every day. Since I made the decision to join Sarah in her quest to reach $10k earnings (freelance & website) per month by the end of October 2016, I’ve realised I need to get a lot better at making the most of my day. I might not have …

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Planning for Visual Learners

frugal tips - planners for visual types

  Over the years I’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on planners and diaries. Most of that money was wasted. Why? Because I’m a visual learner. It doesn’t matter how attractive the diary or planner is on the outside, if you’re a visual learner you’re going to find that diary is probably more useful …

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Time Management and Why You Should Eat Frogs for Breakfast

time management - why you should eat frogs for breakfast

Effective time management is the foundation of a successful life. Saving money, making money, being more self-reliant, building your skills… all these things come together much more easily if you use your time efficiently. Do you struggle with your productivity and time management? I do. I get distracted really easily. I was that kid in school …

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