Best Planners For Men

What kind of planner should I get? There are so many options out there. Which one would suit me the best?

Planning is essential to success. Whether you want to plan a vacation or organize your finances, having a good system helps you stay organized and focused.

Planning is important because it gives us structure, direction, and focus. Plus, it helps us to set reasonable goals and to achieve them.

However, selecting the perfect planner can be tough, particularly for men. You will want a well-structured planner that has a masculine or gender-neutral vibe.

If you’re looking for something that will help you keep track of all your tasks and projects, here are some great planners for men. 

Smart Planner Pro

Smart Planner Pro – Undated Daily Planner – Small A5 – Achieve Goals & Increase Productivity – Weekly, Monthly, Work Sections, Organizer Diary with Back Pocket, 3 Satin Bookmarks & Pen HolderPin

The Smart Planner Pro is an excellent choice if you need a simple yet powerful tool to manage your life. This planner comes with a sleek design, which makes it easy on the eyes.

This aesthetic will appeal to most men. The planner is dateless, meaning that you can start it whenever you want. It also offers a variety of features including:


  • 3 sizes: these 3 different sizes mean that you can find the one that suits you best. Namely, these sizes are small (A5), medium (B5), and large (A4). If you have a hectic lifestyle that is filled with tons of meetings, you may want to go for the A4 version. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a pocket-sized product, the small A5 planner will be your best bet. 
  • Durable cover: to protect the content, this planner has been made with a thick and sturdy cover. It is made from leatherette, allowing it to be vegan and animal-friendly. 
  • Pen holder: this elastic pen holder will ensure that you always have something to write with. Never again will you have to fear losing your pen. 
  • Multiple colors: this planner is available in a range of colors, allowing you to select the design that most appeals to you. Among our favorite colors are red, black, and lime green. 
  • 3 bookmarks: to keep track of important events, these 3 satin bookmarks can be utilized. 


  • Monday to Sunday: the weekly layout of this planner starts with Monday and ends with Sunday. Though this may appeal to some people, it will annoy those who prefer the week to begin with Sunday. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider a different planner. 
  • Cost: compared to other products on the market, the price of this planner is quite steep. 

Also available at:


Smart Planner

The Gratitude Journal From Dockben

DOCKBEN The Gratitude Journal 5 Minute Journal A Day For More Happiness, Positivity, Affirmation, Productivity, Mindfulness & Self Care A Simple Undated Hardcover Five Minute Guide Daily Planner And EPin

Now for something a little different. The Gratitude Journal is a wonderful planner that is used often by women, though it makes an effective tool for men too.

Though it may not be the best planner for organizing finances or business affairs, it is instead a terrific tool for promoting positivity.

If you experience a lot of negativity in your life, this may be a great planner for you. It includes a wide array of features, such as:


  • Inspirational quotes: though they are not for everyone, inspirational quotes can help get you into the right mindset. The pages of this planner are topped with gorgeous inspirational quotes that can make you develop a positive outlook 
  • 5-minutes of writing: it only takes around 5 minutes per day to fill in this planner. Therefore, it is not overly time-consuming. 
  • Focus on positive vibes: to encourage gratitude, this planner encourages users to write what they are grateful for. This can be used to improve men’s mental health, allowing them to focus on the good elements of their lives. 
  • Undated: start this planner whenever you want. It will last you for 6 months, regardless of when you begin. 


  • Not great for business settings: this product is great for your mental health. However, it will not be ideal for all occasions. Instead, it is best suited to personal use. If you are looking for a business planner, you may want to look elsewhere. 
  • It is not aimed at men: though this is a great gender-neutral product, a lot of its advertising is aimed at women. Consequently, some men may feel insecure about using it. Regardless, it remains a great product that can be used by men. 


Leather Planner 2024 Weekly and Monthly Calendar Planner for Purse, Appointment Book for Time Management, Gifts for Men and WomenPin

This unique planner from HM&LN has practically been designed for men. This functional planner will enable you to keep on track with your to-do list.

It comes in standard and large sizes, giving you the ability to select the one that is big enough. It comes with a number of useful features, including:


  • Acid-free paper: this amazing paper will not let you down. You can use several different types of pens to write on it. 
  • 100% leather cover: this real leather cover gives the planner a vintage vibe. The premium leather originates from Thailand. Plus, it makes the planner more durable. The leather is water-resistant, meaning that the papers inside will not be ruined. 
  • Gift box packaging: are you struggling to find a gift for a man in your life? This product comes in a handsome gift box, which makes it ideal for present giving. If you are looking for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present for a man, you should consider this planner. 
  • PVC slots: you can use these slots for additional storage. You can keep items, such as cards, in this convenient area. 
  • Refillable: this refillable planner comes with 4 useful inserts.


  • Not suitable for vegan: because the cover had been made completely from leather, it will not be suitable for vegans. Even some vegetarians may object to using it for moral reasons. As a result, you should take this into account if the person you are buying for is vegan or vegetarian. 

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MaaIbok 2022-2023 Planner

2024-2025 Monthly Planner - 2024-2025 Calendar/Planner 18 Months with Faux Leather, 8.86' x 11.4', Jul. 2024 - Dec. 2025, 15 Notes Pages, Strong Twin - Wire Binding, Pocket, Monthly Tabs, PerfectPin

Up next, we have the MaaIbok Monthly Planner. This is a fantastic option if you want a simple yet effective tool for planning your calendar.

In addition to being versatile, this planner is also very affordable. It is ideal for any man who wants a budget-friendly solution to their scheduling needs. Here is our review of this Maalbok product. 


  • Faux leather cover: this material creates a sophisticated style that most men will be happy to sport. You can choose from two slick colors, namely black or brown. Though the black model looks nice, our preference is the brown planner. Plus, the fact that the leather is faux means that the planner is environmentally-friendly. 
  • High-quality paper: to keep you as organized as possible, this planner has been fitted with paper of outstanding quality. 
  • 15 note pages: outside the monthly planner, there are also loads of pages dedicated to notes. This is where you can keep any important messages or thoughts that you have. 
  • Contact pages: if you come into contact with a lot of essential people, this will be a nifty feature. It allows you to keep track of people’s telephone numbers and addresses, ensuring that you never lose this critical information again. 


  • A weak cover: though we like the style of the faux leather cover, it is not the most durable of materials. As a result, it may become misshapen in your bag. To avoid this, you will need to take extra care with the bag. 
2024-2025 Monthly Planner - 2024-2025 Calendar/Planner 18 Months with Faux Leather, 8.86" x 11.4", Jul. 2024 - Dec. 2025, 15 Notes Pages, Strong Twin - Wire Binding, Pocket, Monthly Tabs, Perfect
  • TIME MANAGEMENT - This Jul. 2024 - Dec. 2025 (8.86" x 11.4") classical yearly & monthly planner with high-end texture covers 18 months of monthly pages for a easier planning, scheduling and tracking. This calendar can help you stay on top of every deadline, special events, meetings, appointments and more with clear and professional style.
  • MONTHLY OVERVIEW - Each month of this calendar covers two full pages which is great for long-term planning. Also, the 1.8"x 2" unruled daily blocks for open scheduling and it offers ample space for your daily planning of every month. The six months of previous and next monthly reference calendars and the long lasting tab dividers for easier year-round planning and tracking.
  • THICK PAPER - Our thick papers of this calendar offer smooth writing experiences and it can plan your schedule without any fear of ink feathering and seepage. Our improved, high-quality white paper is designed for seepage proofing, which keeps your plans neat and legible.
  • AMAZING ORGANIZATION - Highlighted federal holidays to remind you of every important holiday. 3 - years overview calendar for a long - term planning. 15 ruled note pages can jot down your thoughts, ideas, quotes and more. Manage your key contacts on the telephone/address pages. Double-sided inner pocket can store your loose items.
  • SLEEK DESIGN - The durable, elegant, soft touch leather cover with foil accents is environmental friendly. This planner exudes an air of calm, polished simplicity at work, school or home. The modern, durable and strong twin - wire design allows the planner to flip 360° and lay flat for efficient writing.

Legend Planner

Legend Planner – Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Hit Your Goals & Live Happier. Organizer Notebook & Productivity Journal. A5 (Black)Pin

Last but not least, this planner was chosen because of its awesome aesthetic. We love the design of this planner, especially the color choices.

Though we adore this unique cover, the planner remains very functional. It allows you to guide your goals, giving you increased control over your schedule. These are some of the features that we love:


  • Stylish colors: there are tons of color options to select from, including black, dark brown, wine red, and viridian green. As a result, you will have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting your ideal aesthetic. 
  • Cool cover: the cover has been inscribed with a unique and aesthetically pleasing design. This will be extremely eye-catching. 
  • Compact design: you can easily fit this planner into your bag. Despite this, it manages to be durable. 
  • 120gsm heavy-duty paper: the pearl-white paper is of outstanding quality. 
  • Ribbon bookmarks: to keep track of important pages, use these bright bookmarks. Never before has it been this easy to keep tabs on essential dates. 


  • Quite small: this planner is not particularly big. As a result, it may not be suitable for all customers. This will especially be the case for people with busy lifestyles. 

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Legend Planner – Weekly & Monthly Life Planner to Hit Your Goals & Live Happier. Organizer Notebook & Productivity Journal. A5 (Black)
  • THE ULTIMATE UNDATED GOAL-SETTING PLANNER – This undated weekly planner combines effective planning tools and goal-setting frameworks to help you stay focused and productive throughout the year.
  • STAY ORGANIZED, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – This planner will help you develop a vision for your future, set big life goals, and incorporate these goals into your daily agenda to ensure you make the most of your time.
  • IMPROVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE, BUILD NEW HABITS & FEEL HAPPIER – This week and day planner is designed to help you build and support a balanced lifestyle, using a daily habit tracker and monthly check-ins.
  • A5 SIZE, STICKERS & USER GUIDE – This planner organizer comes in A5 size (5.8x8.3 inches), with an eco-leather hardcover, thick 120gsm paper, lay-flat binding, pen loop, elastic band, 3 bookmarks, pocket for notes, 3 sheets of stickers, and user guide.
  • 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - We will exchange or refund your life organizer planner if you aren’t satisfied with your goal planner for any reason. Reach out to us via message to refund your bullet planner.

Buyer’s Guide

Congratulations, you will now have more thorough knowledge about planners for men. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to make a better decision when purchasing a new planner.

After all, you will now understand some key strengths and weaknesses of these products. This will mean that you can start shopping for the right product.

Before you do, we would like to remind you that shopping for the perfect planner can be harder than you may think. This is because you will have to weigh up several factors that can affect how suitable a planner is for you.

To ensure that you find the right planner, we have listed some primary factors you will need to contemplate. Please think about the following before you start shopping:


When choosing a planner, you will first need to consider your budget. We recommend that you stick within a certain price range so that you don’t end up spending more money than necessary.

When buying a planner, you should try to get one that is affordable. However, you should also remember that you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a planner. Though they are not the largest of investments, planners will still vary in price.

If you’re looking for something that will last and that comes with lots of additional features, then you might want to opt for something that costs more. However, if you are on a strict budget, you may want to select a more budget-friendly alternative. 


The aesthetic is another very important consideration when buying a planner. If you want something that looks good, then you will need to look at the options available.

Some planners come in sleek designs while others are more rugged and masculine. The choice really depends on what sort of person you are. 

You should also bear in mind that the design of the planner you buy will depend on whether you use it for work or personal purposes. For example, if you plan on using a planner for both work and home, then you will probably want to go for something that has a business-like appearance.

On the other hand, if you only intend to use it for personal matters, then you will probably prefer something more casual.

In terms of aesthetic, you might want to think about the preferred color for your planner. After all, they come in a range of different colors. Brands that offer multiple color options, such as the Smart Planner Pro, will give you more options. 


Moreover, you will need to consider a planner’s layout. You must decide whether you want a monthly or weekly planner. In addition, you will also need to decide whether you want to use a grid or a non-grid system.

A grid system means that each page has its own space while a non-grid system allows you to place items wherever you wish. Pick the one that most appeals to it. After all, you will need a planner that suits your lifestyle. 

Paper Quality

An additional factor that you’ll need to take into account is paper quality. When you are purchasing a planner, you will need to make sure that it is made from high-quality paper. This will help to prevent any damage to your planner.

Otherwise, your pen will be easily able to penetrate the paper. It will also allow you to keep your planner clean and neat.


Another thing to consider is durability. Most people tend to buy a planner because they like the way it looks. They do not always realize that their planner can break down over time.

Therefore, you should make sure that it is durable enough to withstand daily use. After all, most planners will need to be used for a year.

To guarantee that your planner is durable, you should research what materials have been used to make the cover. If they are sturdy, then your planner should be long-lasting.

If the materials are weak, you may want to look elsewhere. You may also want to see how thick the cover is. Even if a cover is made from a strong martial, it may be quite weak if it is not thick. 


Also, you should look into the size of your planner. As mentioned earlier, you will need a large planner if you plan on using it for work. On the other hand, if you just want to use it for personal reasons, then you can use a smaller one.

Generally, planners come in either A4 or A5 sizes. However, some brands may offer a wider array of sizes. The larger the planner, the more space it will take up in your bag.

In terms of size, you should also consider the thickness of a planner. Products that cover longer stretches of time will be smaller than those that cover longer periods of time. For example, 6-month planners will be less thick than 12-month planners. 


You will need to think about how organized your planner will be. After all, this will determine whether you will be able to find things quickly.

You may want to look into how pages are laid out if you want to scope the organizing capabilities of a planner.

Additional Features

Finally, you will need to check whether there are additional features included with the planner. These could include a calendar, bookmarks,  storage space, or a pen holder. You may also want extra space for notes or contact information.

Though these features are sometimes found in planners, they are not always present. If you desire one of these features, you should check whether a planner utilizes it. 

You may need to consider whether you are willing to pay extra for these features. After all, planners that have more features will likely cost more. However, some people argue that paying for an organizer that includes these features is worth the money

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Planner For Men?

The best planner for men depends on your personal preferences. Some people prefer a monthly planner while others prefer a weekly planner.

Moreover, you may want to choose a planner based on its design. For example, you may want to purchase a planner that has a grid system.

How Much Does A Planner Cost?

The price of a planner varies depending on the model. Generally speaking, the higher the number of sheets, the more expensive the planner.

As such, you should expect to spend at least $20 per month on a planner. Of course, you can find products below this if you prefer a more wallet-friendly planner. 

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