12 Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas that will Blow Your Mind

A vertical vegetable garden can be the mind-blowing solution to your desire to grow your own food but the problem of a distinct lack of space.

Sometimes, you need to look at a problem from a different angle and, when it comes to growing vegetables, that means looking up.

Not every vegetable is suitable for a vertical vegetable garden, but even if you can only grow some lettuce and snow peas in your limited space, they’re going to make the best salad you’ve ever tasted.

Some of the ideas here can be put into action with items you have on hand or can buy very cheaply from either hardware store or second-hand building material.

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Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas

The following infographic is an excellent reference point for starting your vertical garden. Check out your favorite vegetables (‘cos why grow anything else?) and the best method for supporting them.

vertical vegetable garden - infographicPin

Source: Custom Made

A Hanging Garden of Potted Herbs

Useful and attractive, this design enables you to create a privacy screen and a source of fresh herbs for your kitchen.


Source: Deborah Silver

Gutter Garden

The clever arrangement of guttering provides both an abundance of leafy greens for salads and efficient use of water.

vertical vegetable garden #2Pin

Source: MakeZine

Simple Arbour Tunnels

Use recycled metal reinforcement rods and mesh to create an arbour for supporting all sorts of climbing vegetables.

vertical vegetable garden #3Pin

Source: Wahsega Valley Farm

An other version of a tunnel, this time over a grassed path enables vegetables to be grown over an area unavailable for planting.

A more elaborate series of arches over the paths in a raised garden – attractive and productive.

Once again, gutters are used for both direct planting and as shelving for small potted plants.

vertical vegetable garden #6Pin

Source: More Than Chic

Strawberry Tower

Clever use of space employed for growing everyone’s favorite berry; strawberries!

vertical vegetable garden #7Pin

Source: Remove and Replace

Hanging Gutter Garden

Excellent use of vertical space by suspending guttering from the side of a pergola: part screen, part extra garden.

vertical vegetable garden #8Pin

Source: Goods Home Design

A Wall of Boxes

Not just an efficient use of space but seriously attractive, too.

vertical vegetable garden #9Pin

Source: Little Green Dot

3d Garden

Add an extra layer to your small vegetable garden by growing sprawling plants over a hoop.

vertical vegetable garden #10Pin

Source: Get Busy Gardening

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Small Space & Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas


Your Turn…

What clever tricks do you use to grow vegetables in small spaces? Let us know in the comments.

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A vertical vegetable garden can be the mind blowing solution to your lack of garden space problem. Your dream of growing your own food IS possible. Pin
Vertical vegetable garden ideas that will solve your garden space problems Pin
Vertical vegetable garden ideas that will solve your garden space problems Pin

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