Smart Money, Simple Life: a website dedicated to providing frugal living tips for living a life of simplicity and financial self-reliance.

About Me

Hello, my name is Diane and I’m the founder and author of Smart Money, Simple Life. I am also a small business owner, an ex-IT technical writer, a freelance writer and editor and a failed art student.

I launched Smart Money, Simple Life at the start of 2015 with the hope I could create a place where anyone who’s interested, can learn more about saving money, frugal living and finding ways to become more financially self-reliant through side hustles and home-based businesses.

For me, frugal living is both an art and a science. When money is tight, creativity is needed to make the most of the money and time available to you. The science is learning to use money wisely by focusing on creating a sensible budget, tracking your spending, reducing debt and building passive income.

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  1. Hey Diane,

    My name is Ed Kelly. I manage my own PR and marketing agency.

    In short, I am looking for bloggers like yourself to help me market some of my clients.

    In general, many of my clients are in the personal finance niche. I really like your blog because it is all about saving money and life tips, and I think your blog might be a perfect fit for one of my clients.

    Do you offer sponsored posts or guest posts?

    If you do, please email me for more information.

    Ed Kelly

  2. Thanks

  3. Hi Diane
    I have read a previous article written by you about Etsy. I have tried several times to set up an easy shop but have been told that they cannot verify me. I have given banking details, home address in Australia, mobile contact and credit card details. Etsy says it requires a driver’s licence or passport. Is this common as I find it a bit over the top to provide such valuable identity documents. I have a current ebay and PayPal account but have never been asked to provide these documents before.
    I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter as I am hesitant to provide these documents. Is there a way around it?

    • Hi Lynne,

      I don’t know… I don’t remember providing that information and I can’t find anything on the Etsy site about required forms of identification but, I’m about to launch a new Etsy store so I might have more insight after that.

      In the meantime, it could just mean Etsy are serious about ensuring sellers are all ‘above board’, something eBay still sadly lacks.

      I’ll keep in touch and let you know what I discover.

  4. Hi, I love your website so much, but I was wondering if you have email newsletters; and, if you do where do I sign up for it.

    • Hi Caitlyn,

      Thanks! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Smart Money, Simple Life.

      I’m swapping email service providers but I should have the newsletter, and email sign up, running again soon.

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