10 Painless Ways to Save $100 Each Year

Saving money doesn’t have to be a painful process. All you need to do is be mindful of where your money is going and then make small changes on a consistent basis. Before you know it, your bank account will be growing and you’ll be developing new habits and a painlessly frugal lifestyle. Then, you’ll start actively looking for new ways to save money.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to save $100 over the course of a year and each suggestion could result in an even greater saving than $100. However, it will show you that just by looking at your normal routine from a different angle, and making small painless changes, you can make savings that add up substantially over time. No sacrificing of lattes required. Although, one less latte a week would save closer to $200 over the course of the year so… You decide if that’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make.

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10 Painless Ways to Save $100 Each Year

  1. Purchase five pieces of clothing from either thrift stores or garage sales this year instead of paying retail. This trick works really well for the smaller members of the family.
  2. Hang your washing, either inside or outside, to dry instead of using your tumble dryer. You’ll save on power usage, wear and tear on your dryer and wear and tear on your clothes.
  3. While you’re in the laundry, use less pre-wash soaker and laundry detergent and completely forego fabric softener. If you feel you really need fabric softener, try white vinegar instead. Visit wikiHow for more ideas on using vinegar in the laundry.
  4. Make a basic pizza from scratch once a month rather than having one delivered.
  5. Reduce your soda or juice consumption by one or two bottles per week. Water is much better for you anyway.
  6. Bake one batch of bread (two loaves or 8 rolls) per week. This is one of the ways to save that can add some real luxury to your life. Freshly baked bread served with piping hot soup is comfort food at its best.
  7. Take one less trip in the car each week. Rather than jumping in the car every time you need to run an errand, try to combine all your errands (or as many as possible) into one trip. Or, if you can, leave the car at home and walk.
  8. Give up or reduce a bad habit: cigarette smoking, alcohol, lottery tickets… No more explanation necessary.
  9. Reduce your milk consumption. Drink water with meals rather than milk.
  10. Take one inexpensive lunch to work or school per week. Better still, take one every day!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save $100 each and every year just by making some minor changes to your spending. None of these changes will have much impact on your lifestyle but they’ll definitely have a very big impact on your bank balance.

What could you do with an extra $1000 per year?

How many other ways to save $100 over the course of a year can you come up with?

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