Planning for Visual Learners

frugal tips - planners for visual types

  Over the years I’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on planners and diaries. Most of that money was wasted. Why? Because I’m a visual learner. It doesn’t matter how attractive the diary or planner is on the outside, if you’re a visual learner you’re going to find that diary is probably more useful …

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What is a Simple Life?

simplicity - what is a simple life

What is a simple life? Is a cabin in the woods (like Thoreau in Walden) necessary for you to live simply? Do you need to turn your back on all modern conveniences, worse yet, technology? Luckily, there are no hard and fast rules dictating what defines a simple life. Each of us comes to a …

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Finding the Silver Lining

finding the silver lining

Bad news is the ultimate unwelcome house guest. Trouble is, we have no control over when it arrives or how long it stays and finding the silver lining in bad news can be a challenge. I mentioned in my post on Monday that my daughter’s dad just got some bad news about his health. Really bad news. …

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A Simple and Streamlined Life

a simple and streamlined life frugal living

A Simple and Streamlined Life June Update/July Goals In June, my primary goals were to Simplify, Streamline and Sell Stuff. There’s still lots to do on all three goals, because, well… simplifying and streamlining your life requires a good deal of thought and planning. Sure, there’s been a lot of tossing of unwanted stuff and …

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Clearing the Clutter Update

clearing the clutter update

Here’s a quick update on the whole clutter busting goal for June. Tackling the Clutter – Inside One of my goals for June is to seriously reduce the clutter in my life; physical and mental. Clearing the clutter can be a challenge on many levels but it can also be a bit of an eye …

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Clearing the Clutter


  The challenge I’ve set myself for June is to simplify my life and streamline everything about it. One of the pivotal activities for this challenge is clearing the clutter from my house and my life. Clearing the clutter from my house is well overdue. I’m hoping that as the physical clutter diminishes, the emotional …

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Apple Pie and Birthday Candles

  Apple pie and birthday candles might seem an odd combination to most people but, apple pie is generally what my daughter asks for when it comes to the sort of birthday cake she’d like. I reckon that’s lucky for me because I’m a functional baker, not an artistic one. I happily marvel at the birthday …

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