5 Tips for a Successful Spending Freeze

five tips for a successful no spend month

A spending freeze is an excellent way to check for leaks in your budget. No matter how vigilant you are, spending leaks happen. The coffee on the way to work that was an occasional treat (or first aid) and is now a habit. Ordering dinner in on Friday night, because, well… It’s Friday night. The …

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Stop Impulse Spending with this Neat Trick

stop impulse spending with this neat trick

Impulse spending is the biggest threat to maintaining a successful budget. In today’s world we’re surrounded by constant temptation. Everywhere you look there’s a bright shiny advertisement either playing on your fears or tapping into your deepest desires. Buy this and you’ll be more attractive or look successful or slimmer or… You get the picture. …

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Planning a Debt Free Christmas

Did you manage to achieve a debt free Christmas last year? If not, would you like to this year? Yes? Well, with just under six months to go until Christmas is here again, now is the time to start planning for not just a debt free Christmas but a stress free one, too. Get Started …

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$20 Spending Challenge – 10 days, $20

Sometimes, disaster really is the mother of invention. In this case, money got tight, really tight. I needed to avoid spending, any spending, for 10 days and so, the $20 spending challenge was born. As I talked about in The Dangers of Denial, my once successful online retail business took a serious downturn. The last 12 …

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Challenge! ‘No Spend’ Month – February

For many years now I’ve appointed February as a designated ‘No Spend’ month. I think it all started as a way to recover from the additional costs of Christmas, the summer holidays, and the back to school spend fest. It’s also the shortest month. Last year was the first in a long while that February …

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