June Goals – Simplify, Streamline and Sell Stuff

Another month has whizzed by and it’s time to think about my intentions for June. I don’t mind admitting to being a little dazed that it’s June already – this year seems to be on fast forward. For us in the southern hemisphere it’s the start of winter and while our winters are mild compared to most of our northern friends, it’s still a time to stay warm, enjoy lots of hearty meals and use the oven, a lot. As if I need an excuse to bake!

As the title suggests, my goals or intentions for the coming month are:

  • Simplify
  • Streamline
  • Sell Stuff

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Life has become a little too chaotic for my taste lately. Everything from the house feeling cluttered, which is inevitable with the flotsam and jetsam of my business, to trying to fit too much into each day and feeling completely disorganized, is contributing to the bedlam that is my life! So, I’ll be actively working on reducing the ‘stuff’ that is not adding real value to my life. Physical. Emotional. Work related. Everything will be hit with the simplify stick.


Another way I’m trying to lower the chaos quotient in my life is by streamlining my business. Previously I’ve used multiple platforms for my business; eBay, Etsy and my own website. Maintaining accurate stock levels and keeping everything straight in my head was always a challenge and sometimes mistakes were made. I’ve now reduced my selling platforms to just eBay and Etsy. Next, I plan to reduce the product lines available, to hopefully, reduce the energy (and space) required to manage the business. Ultimately, the plan is to scale the business back to hobby level so everything I do now is aimed at that outcome.

Sell Stuff

I guess that one’s self explanatory. I figure the journey from mess to minimalism is going to create surplus stuff and the best way to deal with surplus stuff is to sell it. It’s also a great way to put some extra dollars in the bank account. I’ve already joined a few local selling groups on Facebook. Now I need to bite the bullet and get the photos taken!

If I can stick to the plan and keep my intentions foremost in my mind, I’m sure there’ll be a lot less stuff (and hopefully stress) in my house and in my life.

What are your goals or intentions for the coming month, or months? Are there aspects of your life driving you a little crazy? Maybe some strategic streamlining might help you too?

Image source: Unsplash