9 Places to Make Copies Near You

Making copies is often a necessity for both businesses and individuals, and you may not want to do a huge copying job yourself. Of course, not everyone has a copier, and it’s less time-consuming and often cheaper to have another business do it for you. But where can you get copies made quickly and easily?

There are many places you can check out from stores to local resources. We’ve compiled a list of places that you can go to in order to get your copies made.

This list is perfect if you have a side hustle and need to make copies or print something up for review for that gig.



As long as you ask your boss, a lot of workplaces don’t mind if you do small copy jobs at work. If you’re not making many copies, this can be the ideal option for you as it’s convenient, free, and you already know how to use the machine! Just make sure you don’t copy any private information at work, as it may be saved to the machine for your workplace’s reference.

University/College Campuses

If you’re a student, you may be able to make copies for free. You can often do this at the library or technology center; your school will likely have a website explaining where you can do so. Being a student is challenging, but the rewards pay off in moments like this! If you’re a student, reach out to your school today to find out how to make copies.


If you’re on the road and need to make copies, it doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. You may be able to do so right from your hotel. Many hotels, especially those for business travel, have a business center where you can access wifi and make copies as needed. If not, simply reach out to the front desk and see if they can make copies for you. If they can’t, they’re sure to know the closest place where you can!

Local Library

Libraries have a lot of useful services for the community, and one of them is often a copy machine. It’s usually not free and will cost a small fee, but it’s worth it to get your copying done close by! It’s easy to find your local library, just go online to the Library of Congress’s website and type in your city. You’ll be able to find your nearest library in no time and reach out to them to see if they have a copier!

Community Centers

Meeting halls and recreational centers run by the government or non-profits will often have a copier for public use. If you reach out before visiting, you can easily check if they have a copier. Like libraries, community centers and recreational centers are always nearby, so it’s never a far-off place to visit.

Post Office

Not all post offices have a copier that you can use, but you can always call and check with your local post office to find out. Their phone numbers are available on the USPS website, and you can also find their addresses as well. It will likely cost a small fee to make copies, and this fee varies by location, but you can find out this fee by calling as well.


FedEx has many options for making color or black and white copies. You can do it yourself or have a team member do it for you. FedEx’s copying services start at 49¢ per page, but you have many different options including single- and multi-page format and large format. They also have lots of other services, including shredding, scanning, and faxing, if you ever need to do other business. Find your nearest FedEx location here.


The UPS store is similar to FedEx in that they offer black and white and color copies as well. UPS has the added convenience where you can order copies online and have them delivered to you or your local store. Visit the UPS website to find out how. Copying starts at 39¢ per page depending on what you need. Find your local UPS store online with their handy store locator!


Staples is one of the cheapest options for making copies, starting at 14¢ a page for black and white. Staples aren’t as easy to find as UPS stores and FedEx stores, but if there’s one near you, you can save a ton of money! Use Staples’s store locator to find the nearest location to you and start saving money on your copying jobs!

CVS Pharmacy

You probably go to CVS just for prescriptions or snacks, but did you know that you can make copies there as well? More than 3,400 CVS locations provide copy and print services at their KODAK picture kiosks. They offer both black and white and color copies. Black and white copies start at 19¢ a page and color copies start at 99¢ a page. They’re a bit pricier than other options, but if you have a CVS near you it can definitely be convenient! You can locate your nearest CVS store here.

Ordering Copies Online

If you have time to spare and don’t want to go out to a local store, you can still get copies the modern way: ordering online! There are much cheaper options available online if you know where to look, and we’ll help you find the best deals.

Best Value Copy

Best Value Copy is one of the best resources for ordering copies online. They are known for their cheap color copies starting at just 5¢ a page. Don’t worry, though, just because their services are cheap, doesn’t mean their quality is sub-par. Best Value’s copies have a resolution 36 times higher than conventional machines, making your copies crisp and clear, perfect if you’re giving them out to clients or customers. Another benefit of Best Value is that they don’t require you to buy a certain quantity. You can purchase any quantity you want, and they’ll deliver. They offer excellent customer service along with fast turnaround times and delivery. It’s definitely a great option for anyone who has a bit of extra time before they need their copies. Visit Best Value Copy’s website for more information and to place your order today.


Docucopies has been making copies for customers since 2003, so they’re familiar with the business. They deliver quickly, so you can get your order in as few as four days if you order in the morning. Docucopies.com also does cheap color copies if you want to spice up your typical black and white sheets. This website offers all kinds of printing and copy options from comic books to greeting cards, and can even print on linen or metallic. They have many different options for ordering, so you can customize your order however you need online without having to call in or contact anyone. It’s easy, so if you’re interested in ordering from Docucopies.com, check out their website!


As you can likely guess, ColorCopiesUSA.com is known for its color copies, but they do pretty much everything. They can do spiral-bound books, postcards, even laminated menus! There’s plenty they can do, and making copies is the easiest for them! Their color copying packages start at $8.30 and they have a fast turnaround and delivery. It’s excellent for ordering anything you need for your business, from packets to booklets to simple documents. Check out ColorCopiesUSA today to find out what you can get for your business at their website!

Color Copies Today

Color Copies Today allows you to order black and white or color copies, anything you may need for yourself or your business. They are ideal if you need to order copies in bulk, as they do have a minimum amount required when you are purchasing copies from them. For black and white copies, you must order at least 500, and for color copies, you must order at least 150. For 500 black and white copies, you’d be charged $20, and for 150 single-sided color copies, you’d be charged $15. It is a cheap option, but you do have to order a lot of copies, so keep that in mind before you order. This option is ideal for businesses. If you’re interested in ordering from Color Copies Today, check out their website here and order online!


Vistaprint is famous for its business cards, but did you know that they offer dozens of other services? They do everything from t-shirts to tote bags to brochures, to, yes, copies! You can get copies for anything from door hangers to signs and even more. They can even do designs for you if you are not particularly an artist by trade. Their prices change based on the size and quantity that you need, but you can check out their website for more details.

Copying Without a Scanner

These days, you’ll always most likely have a cell phone in your pocket. You can make digital copies right in the palm of your hand with your cell phone! Options like Google PhotoScan, Microsoft Lens, and iPhone’s built-in scanner allow you to scan documents through your phone’s camera and export them as PDF files. This is an easy way to get digital copies of files you may need in a pinch. There are also apps you can download from third parties that allow you to scan and copy documents as well. We will break down these apps in detail and describe their benefits.

Google PhotoScan

Google PhotoScan is different than simply taking a photo of your document. With features like automatic edge detection, perspective correction, and smart rotation, Google PhotoScan ensures your documents come out looking clean and pristine. It also removes glare from any photographs. If you have Google Photos on your phone, you can easily keep your scans organized where you can search them and ensure that you never lose them. Google PhotoScan is available for the Android and iOS markets. You can download the app here.

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens allows you to capture text from the world around you and create a document quickly and easily with it. It’s designed for settings involving whiteboards, receipts, signs, documents, business cards, menus, handwritten memos, or anything else you can think of. It can even capture images such as diagrams and charts. It’s easy to copy an image with Lens. You simply choose what to capture, whether it be a whiteboard, document, business card, or photo, take a picture, and review and edit. Then, you’re good to save and share! Microsoft Lens is only available for Android devices, so Android users can download it here.

iPhone Scanner

What is nifty about the iPhone scanner is that you don’t even need to install a separate app. From your iPhone, simply open the Notes app and select an existing note, or create a new one. Then, tap the camera button and select “scan documents.” If your device is in auto mode, the phone will automatically scan the document. Otherwise, you will need to manually tap the shutter button or one of the volume buttons. Next, drag the corners of the scan to fit the page, and select “keep scan.” Once you tap “save,” you’re all done! It’s a very convenient feature to have!


This is an app available for both iOS and Android that allows you to scan documents and store them across any of your devices. It has nearly five stars in the app store and was voted editor’s choice, so you can rest assured it’s a well-functioning app. Its features include digitizing documents, extracting text from images, sharing pdf files, editing documents, tagging and searching documents, and syncing across platforms. It is among the most robust software out there for this purpose, so if the built-in solutions aren’t meeting your needs, CamScanner may be the option for you. Download it for Android or iOS today!

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is another highly rated scanning app that users appreciate and enjoy. All you have to do is place your document in front of the camera, and the app does the rest: captures it, crops it, and cleans it. It’s a smart scanner, but it also creates PDFs and allows you to tag and organize your documents. You can export your documents to Email, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, and WebDAV. It’s easy to use for making digital copies. You can download it for Android or iOS from either of their stores.

Find the Nearest Copy Machine and Get Started!

There are lots of options for making copies if you get creative with finding them. Starting with your local resources might save you money, but luckily there will always be businesses able to help you out if you are unable to get copying done for free.

Making copies can be a tedious task, so don’t let finding the machine be the hard part! This list should make it easy to find a copy machine whenever you need one.