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6 Simple Reasons Growing Your Own Food Makes Good Sense

If you’ve ever considered growing your own food, or at least supplementing your weekly grocery expedition, now is the best time to start. Don’t let the absence of a backyard hold you back, or even a lack of knowledge, it’s...
  • how to grow your own food in an apartment

How to Grow Your Own Food, Even If You Live in an Apartment

Yes. It is possible to grow your own food even if you live in an apartment or a house with little to no garden. The key ingredient you need is: sunlight. As long as you can offer your plants at...
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Frugal Gardening – How to Start a Vegetable Garden on a Budget

Autumn is here at last and that means it’s time to get the vegie garden prepped and planted for winter crops. I used to run my vegie garden all year (I live in a temperate zone) but for the last...