Five FREE Personal Finance Apps

frugal living personal finance apps

Get More from Your Smart Phone using Personal Finance Apps Love them or hate them, smartphones can be useful. Not just a mobile phone, they’re a camera, GPS, internet browser, e-reader, and the list goes on. It seems everyone has one and they are fast becoming integral to the basic functioning of our daily lives. …

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6 Steps to a Brighter Future

6 steps to a brighter future

Focusing on a brighter future can be a challenge when all around us seems hopeless and desperate. Wars. Poverty. Inequality. Injustice. If you’re a regular consumer of the nightly news, this is all you see. Night after night. Week after week. It’s hard to stay positive and motivated in the face of such relentless negativity. …

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The Secret to Paying Off Debt

Debt snowball, avalanche or consolidation, which is the secret ingredient to finally paying off your debt? Being debt free is the foundation of financial freedom. Once you’re free of debt you can begin to actively invest and build the assets that will enable you to retire, whether you’re aiming for early retirement or not. So, …

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