Kick-Ass Ways to Declutter Like a Ninja!

I know… Declutter like a Ninja?! But think about it, Ninjas are the epitome of getting the job done – quick.

I know I’m not alone in my struggle to declutter my home. The task can seem so big and overwhelming that sometimes just knowing where to start is a challenge. If that’s you (it was me, too) here’s a list of over 60 items you don’t need to think about before tossing, selling or donating. Don’t waste another moment. Start now!

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Kick-Ass Ways to Declutter

  1. Scraps of wrapping paper, squished bows & crinkled ribbon. Trust me, you’ll never use them.
  2. Cards you’ve received for birthdays, etc. If they are seriously sentimental, put them in a frame and hang it on the wall. Or, scan it and create a digital file. Otherwise, throw them out.
  3. Receipts not needed for tax or warranty purposes.
  4. Ticket stubs: bus, plane, cinema…
  5. Clothing with holes: socks, t-shirts, sweaters/jumpers
  6. Decorative touches that have seen better days: dried flowers, doilies, knick-knacks.
  7. Anything that ought to be a pair but isn’t: earrings, socks, gloves.
  8. Old magazines
  9. Books you’re never going to read again
  10. CDs you no longer enjoy
  11. DVDs you don’t watch
  12. Shoes you don’t wear or that don’t fit
  13. Kitchen tools that are broken or you don’t use
  14. Non-stick cookware that’s damaged
  15. Scarves & other accessories you never wear
  16. Clothes that don’t fit
  17. Gifts you can’t use or don’t like
  18. Old makeup & skincare
  19. Dried-up or ‘once-was-fashionable’ nail polish
  20. Old, unused or wire hangers
  21. Expired or sample-sized toiletries
  22. Expired medication (dispose of responsibly)
  23. Extra buttons and twists of thread that come with new clothes and you know you’ll never use
  24. Anything in your pantry that’s expired kickass ways to declutter Pin
  25. Empty bottles of anything
  26. Send all your old towels & bath mats straight to the nearest animal shelter
  27. Pet toys that have been abandoned. The animal shelter can probably use them, too.
  28. Old bills and paperwork you don’t need to keep
  29. Old school anything: uniforms, text books, assignments, formal dresses…
  30. Stockings with holes or runs
  31. Clothing that’s beyond repair: damaged or stained
  32. Underwear or swimwear that’s now transparent or losing its stretch
  33. Bras that are tired or don’t fit properly
  34. Rusty anything: cutlery, jewellery, kitchen tools
  35. Pens and markers that don’t work
  36. Outdated and/or non-working electronics
  37. Cables for the printer you used to have. Same for power, computer and TV cords.
  38. Manuals to electronic or other gear you no longer own.
  39. Threadbare sheets and bedding
  40. Handbags, wallets and purses you never use
  41. Hair elastics for whom stretchiness is a faded memory
  42. Hair accessories that you don’t use and/or belong in the 80’s – scrunchies!
  43. Anything wedding related (other people’s): invitations, save the date, favours, memorabilia
  44. Flat pack furniture instructions
  45. Tupperware you never use
  46. Junk mail
  47. Travel brochures, actually any brochures!
  48. Random containers and jars
  49. Old artwork or old children’s artwork: frame or scan the stuff that’s really good or you can’t bear to lose
  50. Used envelopes
  51. Dead batteries (dispose of responsibly, google your nearest battery recycle depot)
  52. Extra, unused or chipped coffee mugs, glassware or china
  53. Old herbs and spices
  54. Old shopping bags
  55. Out of date calendars
  56. Broken Christmas decorations & lights that don’t work
  57. CDs for old software programs
  58. Old cell phones & their accessories
  59. Hand-me-downs you (or your kids) don’t like or wear
  60. Freebie or promotional t-shirts/mugs/coasters/etc you never wear or use
  61. Old bank statements
  62. Old diaries and planners
  63. Games with pieces missing.

Declutter like a Ninja!

See? Easy!

Getting rid of these bits and pieces will have a huge impact not just on your decluttering efforts but your mindset, too. Once you remove these simple items (a.k.a. junk) from your home you’ll be in a better position to tackle the tougher areas of decluttering. Like the things that hold sentimental value.

Just remember, while you’re in declutter mode, don’t let anything else come into your home. Clear your space first. Then, only bring in things you absolutely love or will use all the time. And spare yourself ever having to de-clutter again.

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Can you add any ‘no-brainer’ items to this declutter list?

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