The Ultimate “How To Save” on your Work Outfits

It might seem odd… Me, of all people, talking about how to save money on your work outfits.

Fashion is definitely not my forte, I’ll admit that up front. I am, how should I put it…? Ambivalent about fashion. I see it as the ultimate disposable commodity, clothing has a function and anything beyond that is just varying degrees of ego and vanity. I’m especially ambivalent about the fashion expectations placed on women in the workplace.

Minimalist work outfits that save you time and money

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Keeping it simple, Matilda Kahl has worn the same outfit to work every day for three years. [Picture: Instagram/Lilltrill]
Not surprisingly, a headline like this: Why I Wear the Exact Same Thing to Work Every Day caught my attention. How often do you see people choosing to wear the same work outfit each day, like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein?

And, to put an even finer point on it, how often do you see a woman making that choice?

I was intrigued and dutifully clicked the link.

The article describes how Matilda Kahl, an Art Director at a NY advertising agency, made the decision to create a work uniform and how that decision has saved her time, frustration and (most importantly for us), money over the last few years.

“I shopped all the pieces in one day. It burned a hole in my wallet to say the least, but in the long run, it has saved me—and will continue to save me—more money than I could imagine.”  Matilda Kahn

When I first joined the workforce, I was required to dress appropriately for management. That meant a skirt suit, heels, make-up… I spent a lot of money on clothes in those first few years. I did it as cleverly (I thought) as possible by buying quality garments in classical styles and never at full price but it still amounted to a considerable investment. I’m sure I was considered boring and perhaps dowdy compared to the rest of the female office population who, to my eyes, seemed never wear the same work outfit twice, ever.

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Turning your work outfits into a uniform

I can’t even begin to imagine how much these women spent on their wardrobes but it must have been a small fortune. After reading about Matilda, I have to wonder what the reaction would have been if I’d worn a uniform like she does?

Luckily for me, I moved into the IT industry where office attire is generally casual and my dream of wearing jeans to work every day came true. I work from home now (work outfits = PJs or sweats), but if I were to return to an office environment, I’d give serious thought to refining my work outfits to a uniform. Perhaps not as stark as Matilda’s but definitely as simple. A minimalist wardrobe is definitely a great way to save money and reduce stress. One less decision to make every day. Sounds good to me!

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What do you think, could you wear the same work outfit every day?

How do you think your workmates or bosses would react? Would they even notice?

Images: Pexels & Instagram/Lilltrill