7 Money Saving Amazon Shopping Tips for Christmas

8 Money Saving Amazon Shopping Tips for ChristmasThis post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Looking for a stress free option for your holiday shopping? If you’re not yet a fan of shopping on Amazon, you soon will be. Find out how to do your Christmas shopping without the hassle of going into a physical store – and save money while you’re at it.

Yes, the holidays are still a little ways away. But, they’ll be here in a blink of an eye so it’s best to get started early, grab some bargains, then kick back and relax, knowing your holidays are organized.

This list highlights Amazon shopping tips that can help you save money on all your Christmas shopping.

Other Christmas Saving Tips

Free Amazon Gift Cards

Did you know you can earn free amazon gift cards to help top up your Christmas shopping budget this year? One of the simplest ways to do it is to earn them as rewards for completing surveys on sites like Survey Junkie. You can find out more about Survey Junkie here.

Social Media

Social media is an awesome tool for following trends but it can also be useful for staying in loop for deals. Twitter is one of the best ways to keep track of what deals are currently availabel; follow @Amazondeals and you’ll see current updates as they happen.

Amazon’s ‘Today’s Deals’

Amazon makes it super easy for buyers to locate daily deals on their site. Jump on to Amazon.com and you will find the Shop Todays Deals section.

Lightening Deals

As the name implies, they appear super-fast and can be gone in a flash. Literally, blink and you’ll miss it. Just like the daily deals, lightening deals are displayed on the home page. If it’s on your shopping list, grab it.

Trade In

Here’s an Amazon shopping tip you might not be familiar with… Trade In. Amazon has some clever options and this is one of them. Find out more about Amazon’s Trade In program by clicking here.

‘Abandon’ Your Cart

Adding products to and then bandoning your cart sometimes (note: not always) results in you being offered an enticement to complete your purchase. Usually the enticement is in the form of a discount.

It might not work, but it’s always a good idea to give yourself a day to be sure you’re making a smart purchase so, you really have nothing to lose by trying this option.

Amazon Freebies

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can access approximately 2 million songs through Prime Music. For a bit more money (see the current price here) you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited and have access to more songs than you can listen to in a lifetime.

Amazon Prime Sample Boxes are another way to keep your Christmas shopping budget from blowing out.

“When you purchase a sample box, you earn credits for select items from the brands in the box. If you get a single sample, you get a credit to purchase your product or similar products. So, if you purchase a luxury beauty box for $19.99, you will receive a credit for $19.99. And they are fun to track! Simply check your balance to the left of the page to see how many credits you have. “


If you’re an Amazon Prime member (learn more here) lots of special services are available to you, make sure you know what they are so you’re sure to be making the most of your membership.

More Amazon Shopping Tips

Have I missed any Amazon shopping tips that might come in handy this holiday season? If you can add to this list, share in the comments.

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Looking for a stress free option for your holiday shopping? If you’re not yet a fan of shopping on Amazon, you soon will be. Find out how to do your Christmas shopping without the hassle of going into a physical store – and save money while you’re at it. Pin
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