Emergency Planning for Solopreneurs – What You Need To Know

emergency planning for solopreneurs

Emergency Planning. It’s not all about bunkers, canned food and the zombie apocalypse. Emergency planning also means considering a number of what if scenarios and applying them to your own situation, especially if you’re a solopreneur. Not sure what I mean? Picture this: You’re an online seller, you get sick or have an accident and …

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4 Tips for Seekers of Freedom and Fulfillment

four tips for seekers of freedom and fulfillment

Freedom and fulfillment. Two words that define success for Hal Elrod, me and quite possibly many of you, too. Freedom is the external hallmark of success for me. Freedom to choose how I spend my time, my money and my energy. Fulfillment is my internal hallmark of success. I look for and need fulfillment in the …

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The Power of the Side Hustle

diversify income using a side hustle

The power of the side hustle: jobs can disappear easily, so it’s smart to have another way to earn money already up and running. There are many ways of looking at the purpose of the side hustle. Like your emergency fund, it can be a form of insurance against adversity; protecting you against situations like …

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21 Awesome Articles To Learn How To Make Money From Home

Why would you need to learn how to make money from home? Because sometimes, living a frugal lifestyle is not enough. Sometimes, the bills outpace your income or if you’re like me, your income drops suddenly and you need to make up the shortfall. Finding new ways to add to the revenue side of your …

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What’s Next? Inspirations and Aspirations

what's next? blogging and freelance writing

It’s been a while since I posted a life update of any kind so here goes… Here are my inspirations and aspirations for the rest of the year. The last few months have been challenging on many fronts; financial, emotional and physical. So, it’s not surprising that a few objectives have fallen by the wayside. …

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How to Sell on eBay and Not Get Scammed

side hustles - how to sell on ebay

Everywhere you look, there are articles recommending you sell your unwanted goods (aka clutter) on eBay. That used to be excellent advice. Now? Not so much. Maybe. The rules have changed considerably over the last 12 months and those rules do not bode well for smaller sellers. I’ve been a business seller on eBay for …

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