Save Money: How to make the power Pinterest work for you

Pinterest. Once you discover its delights, it quickly becomes a big part of your online world.

I spend a lot of my time on Pinterest. Partly for my blog but also to learn about the topics that interest me both professionally and personally.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is all about information. Yes, there lots of gorgeous pictures, but the vast majority of them lead to information about a specific topic. And, you’ll find pins on just about every topic imaginable. From art to zoology.

The best thing about Pinterest is that you can create your own boards and save all this wonderful information for future reference.

In a way, your Pinterest boards become your very own online library.

Your Pinterest boards can also be instrumental in saving you heaps of money, be more organized and learn new skills.

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How can Pinterest save you heaps of money?

Easy. Most bloggers, when they publish an article on their blog, include an image specifically designed for Pinterest. Using that image, you can pin the article to one of your own boards. It’s like adding another book or magazine to your library.

To make pinning easy, follow the right people and your Pinterest feed will be filled with ideas for living frugally and saving money.

To help you on your way, here’s a list of 30 of my favorite frugal living pinners.

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  1. Smart Money, Simple Life (that’s me! :-))
  2. Sarah Titas
  3. Thrifty Little Mom
  4. Creative Savings
  5. Frugal on the Prairie
  6. Thrifty Frugal Mom
  7. Six Figures Under
  8. Single Moms Income
  9. Seed Time
  10. What Mommy Does
  11. The Latina Homemaker
  12. Living Well Spending Less
  13. Frugality Gal
  14. Self Reliant School
  15. Frugal Living Mom
  16. A Thrifty Mom
  17. Passion For Savings
  18. Frugal Fanatic
  19. Money Saving Mom
  20. Snail Pace Transformation
  21. Penny Pinching Mom
  22. Little House Living
  23. Six Dollar Family
  24. The Budget Mama
  25. Living On A Dime
  26. The Thrifty Couple
  27. Frugal Navy Wife
  28. Frugal and Thriving
  29. Rhonda Hetzel
  30. Saving Dollars and Sense

You might want to follow all their boards or just the boards that are specific to the topics you’re interested in. Like, saving money, frugal living, cheap and easy recipes, DIY projects or even knitting patterns.

The more you learn, the more self-reliant you become and the more money you can save. It really is a win, win, win situation. And Pinterest makes it so easy that everyone can create their own, tailor made resource library.

Don’t just stick to the obvious money saving idea boards, sometimes the less obvious ones are great inspiration for saving money, too. My favorite example is interiors. You might think you’re just pinning pretty pictures but after a while, you’ll notice a definite trend appearing in the colors, styles and themes in the images you pin to your board. Take notice. It could save you a fortune in decorating mistakes at some point in the future.

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Pinterest. It really is all things to all people. Like everything else in life, you just need to get started.

Hopefully this list of my favorite frugal living pinners will start you on your Pinterest journey.

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