Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt As true as that statement is, avoiding comparison is a challenge for most of us. Me, included. We’re constantly bombarded with images and information of people who seemingly have it all. It’s hard not to compare yourself. Even just a little bit. Can you avoid the temptation …

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8 Money Saving Clothes Shopping Hacks


When it comes to clothes shopping, not wasting money is just as important as finding that special bargain. Too often we purchase things we don’t need, never wear or are expensive to maintain. Smart clothes shopping starts with a plan for your wardrobe as a whole and also takes into consideration the cost of owning each …

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How to Start a Lifestyle Blog & Make Money with Pinterest

lifestyle blog flatlay party hats food

Pinterest is THE place to go for finding the very best ideas for DIY, fashion, food and more. Topics that can easily translate into a successful lifestyle blog. Plus, if Pinterest is your favorite place to find and share cool ideas – starting a lifestyle blog might be your perfect side hustle. If you already …

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How to Build a Well Stocked Pantry

A well stocked pantry is valuable for many reasons, right? Trouble is, lots of people don’t know where to start when they decide to build their own pantry stockpile. It can be expensive and confusing. But, it doesn’t have to be. Let me show you how to build your pantry stockpile. Plus, why you need to have …

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5 Tips that will Help You Save for Your First Home

tips to help you save for your first home

Certain things in your life require time to save up. One of those things is a house. When you buy your first home, it’s not always an easy task, but it should be an exciting one. What can put a damper on the excitement is when you’re worried about your finances. The more you can …

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This Festive Season Give Minimal Waste Gifts


How to give minimal waste gifts this holiday season. Minimal waste. Maximum joy. Check out how to give gifts this holiday season (or at any time) while creating minimal waste. There are many ways to reduce your use of plastic, and the holiday season is no different. Shop-bought items usually come with an abundance of …

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Bullet Journal Tips to Help Keep Your Life Organized

bullet journal tips featured image

A bullet journal is a fantastic way to keep your life organized, collect inspiration and track your goals. Your bullet journal is also the perfect place to explore your creativity. So, how do you add your own personal flair to your bullet journal? We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together some basic suggestions for adding …

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9 Easy Eco-Friendly Tips for Apartment Living


Often, people assume if you’re not living in a place you own, you have minimal control over things like being eco-friendly (aka green living). And, there’s no doubt about it, you can control so much more about your living space when you own it. You can make greener choices for paint and building materials, you …

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10 Signs You May Not Be Saving Enough for an Emergency


10 Signs that You May Not Be Saving Enough for an Emergency None of us want to be in that place where you don’t have enough money to pay for an unexpected expense. Unexpected expenses range from seriously steep home repair costs to minor medical bills and everything in between. While it’s unreasonable to expect …

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15 Simple Steps for Easily Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

Spring cleaning your bathroom: 15 steps to make it spic and span. Gather all the supplies you’ll need. Mop, bucket, microfibre cloths, an old toothbrush or two and don your cleaning clothes. You can take much of the trauma out of deep cleaning your bathroom by avoiding some of the toxic chemicals in commercial cleaning …

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24 Expert Tips for Selling on Amazon and Making Extra Cash

Have you ever considered selling on Amazon as a side hustle? My first venture into side hustling was selling online through eBay. I made extra cash month in month out by selling both new and used items. I no longer sell on eBay due to their ever shifting rules however, I’ve been happily selling on Etsy …

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9 Frugal Living Skills that will Save You Money

frugal living skills that will save you money

Frugal living skills, not only can they save you a heap of money, they can also add real value to your day to day life. For me, living frugally is not just about saving money but also making the most of what I have, whether that be money or things. Honing some of your own …

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