Tips on How to Save Money & Make Money

7 Financial Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me

7 financial lessons my grandmother taught me

It’s no secret our grandparents view the world differently. If you’re like the majority of people, your grandparents or great grandparents lived through the Great Depression. The financial lessons they learnt during that harsh time are a legacy worth sharing. I only knew one of my grandparents and, as the Great Depression made its way …

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$20 Spending Challenge – 10 days, $20

Sometimes, disaster really is the mother of invention. In this case, money got tight, really tight. I needed to avoid spending, any spending, for 10 days and so, the $20 spending challenge was born. As I talked about in The Dangers of Denial, my once successful online retail business took a serious downturn. The last 12 …

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The Ultimate “How To Save” on your Work Outfits

The ultimate way to save money on your work outfits.

It might seem odd… Me, of all people, talking about how to save money on your work outfits. Fashion is definitely not my forte, I’ll admit that up front. I am, how should I put it…? Ambivalent about fashion. I see it as the ultimate disposable commodity, clothing has a function and anything beyond that …

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Apple Pie and Birthday Candles

  Apple pie and birthday candles might seem an odd combination to most people but, apple pie is generally what my daughter asks for when it comes to the sort of birthday cake she’d like. I reckon that’s lucky for me because I’m a functional baker, not an artistic one. I happily marvel at the birthday …

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How to Sell on eBay and Not Get Scammed

side hustles - how to sell on ebay

Everywhere you look, there are articles recommending you sell your unwanted goods (aka clutter) on eBay. That used to be excellent advice. Now? Not so much. Maybe. The rules have changed considerably over the last 12 months and those rules do not bode well for smaller sellers. I’ve been a business seller on eBay for …

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Time Management and Why You Should Eat Frogs for Breakfast

time management - why you should eat frogs for breakfast

Effective time management is the foundation of a successful life. Saving money, making money, being more self-reliant, building your skills… all these things come together much more easily if you use your time efficiently. Do you struggle with your productivity and time management? I do. I get distracted really easily. I was that kid in school …

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Challenge! ‘No Spend’ Month – February

For many years now I’ve appointed February as a designated ‘No Spend’ month. I think it all started as a way to recover from the additional costs of Christmas, the summer holidays, and the back to school spend fest. It’s also the shortest month. Last year was the first in a long while that February …

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The Top 5 Online Debt Reduction Calculators

online debt reduction calculators

In a previous post, I discussed paying off your debt as being one of the Five savings goals that will change your life. Chances are, you’re well aware of how being debt free will have a huge, positive impact on your life, you’re just not sure where to start, or how to figure out what to pay. …

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Five Savings Goals that will Change Your Life

5 savings goals that will change your life

Struggling to take that first step to financial freedom? If you are, don’t despair. Read on to see how these five savings goals will change your life. The big question most of us struggle with is this: Which should you do first; save for the future or pay for the past? I think you need to do a …

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7 Smart Money Moves to Start Your Year Right

7 smart money moves to start your year right

Looking for ways to make sure this year is your best yet? Here are seven smart money moves that will set the foundation for a successful year. Plus, you can use them at any time! 1 – Use Your Calendar Mark your paydays, regular and irregular bills, and the amounts (or estimates of amounts) coming …

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Did you know it’s only 10 weeks until Christmas?

Today I realized there are only 10 weeks until Christmas Day. Only 10! I haven’t even thought about the holidays, let alone started planning for them. And, if the rest of this year is anything to go by, those 10 weeks are going to fly by. So, I’ve started researching. With a tight budget and …

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