4 Reasons to Own Less Stuff

4 reasons to own less stuff

Reasons to own less stuff… How many reasons do you need? It would be easy to put together a list of 10, 20… Maybe even 100 valid reasons to own less stuff. The truth is though, there are only four that really matter: More Money More Happiness More Freedom Less Stress I’m all for owning …

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Buy Nothing New Month

october is buy nothing new month

Did you know that Buy Nothing New Month is October? Will you join the challenge? According to the Buy Nothing New Month website, “Buy Nothing New Month is the global movement for collective, conscientious consumption. It’s a little idea, that started in Melbourne and is spreading to the Netherlands and USA.” Buy Nothing New Month …

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A Simple and Streamlined Life

a simple and streamlined life frugal living

A Simple and Streamlined Life June Update/July Goals In June, my primary goals were to Simplify, Streamline and Sell Stuff. There’s still lots to do on all three goals, because, well… simplifying and streamlining your life requires a good deal of thought and planning. Sure, there’s been a lot of tossing of unwanted stuff and …

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Clearing the Clutter Update

clearing the clutter update

Here’s a quick update on the whole clutter busting goal for June. Tackling the Clutter – Inside One of my goals for June is to seriously reduce the clutter in my life; physical and mental. Clearing the clutter can be a challenge on many levels but it can also be a bit of an eye …

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